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Interior Design HACK!

Interior Design HACK!

Needing inspiration for your home but can’t afford your own interior designer? We feel your pain and have a tip for you. Home Builders spend thousands of dollars decking out the model homes to showcase their different design features. So we recommend spending some time doing what we call “model hopping”. Model hopping is fun, exciting, and best of all FREE!

With the amount of residential construction going on it’s very easy to find one that is decorated in a way that will reflect your style. It can be difficult and frustrating trying to describe something without knowing all of the terminology or if what you’re thinking in your mind can actually be done. Visiting a few model homes can help you see those projects in person and get the inspiration and confidence you need to finally move forward with it. A few things to keep in mind when model hopping. First of all, always be courteous to potential home buyers who are still shopping for their dream home. Remember how excited and nervous you were when you and your family were home shopping. Give them plenty of space and never interrupt them. Second, pay careful attention to the different themes.

You don’t want to mix ideas from different models that have different themes as this would probably drive your OCD relatives crazy. Also be aware of the space and layout of what you’re looking at. Not all upgrades can be duplicated in all layouts. Consider taking a tape measure and note pad with you. Third, take as many pictures as possible. And last, book your free estimate consultation on our website so we can get your projects priced and scheduled! We can duplicate almost any upgrade found in model homes. We can meet you at your home or at the model home. Happy model hopping! Oh, and don’t even worry about the sales reps. Just tell them that you are there to get ideas for your own home and they’ll leave you alone. 😉

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