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ceiling fan installation Orlando

Ceiling Fan Installation Orlando

Ceiling fans can significantly make your residence more comfortable and improve your décor. At My Uncle Mike, we provide professional ceiling fan installation and repair services, including upgrades such as adding lights to your current fans. By just making a single call to My Uncle Mike, you can forget about climbing a ladder carrying a weighty, awkward fan, and dealing with risky electrical wiring. Do not risk trying a DIY while you can leave the job to professionals like us.


Why install a ceiling fan?

  • Increase comfort in summer while you save energy – In hot weather, these fans create a cool breeze, ensuring anyone nearby feel cooler. The fan’s thermostat can be turned up a few degrees to save energy without compromising on comfort.
  • Save energy in winter – In winter, heated air ascends and collects near the ceiling. The fans try to reverse this by pushing it back downward.
  • Decoration – Versatile ceiling fans arrive in various designs to match your décor in the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and other areas of the house. You can find virtually any combination of features, size, blade material, the number of blades, lighting styles, and metal finish. When chosen properly, ceiling fans obviously draws the attention of anyone in the room.
  • Light up the room – Many fans come fitted with overhead lighting.


Why you should call us for ceiling fan installation and repair

  • Experienced and skilled – Sometimes the fan may break down or not serve its preferred purpose. The most common causes of a broken ceiling fan may include spoilt capacity, wobbling when switched on, or even a spoilt remote control. These are problems we can solve within a snap of a finger.
  • Attention to detail – We do an accurate job. For instance, we make sure that the fans blades are correctly balanced for flawless, quiet operation.
  • Guaranteed result – We stand behind our work
  • Reliable– We are prompt, knowledgeable and friendly.
  • Licensed and insured – Our electrical professionals will install your ceiling fans conforming to codes for safe, steady operation.

Make a decision today and save up to about 15% of your energy costs and at the same time add a decorative appeal to your house by seeking our ceiling fan installation services. Contact us and we will professionally handle your problem within a very limited time.