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Light Fixtures

Light fixtures installation and repair is a quick and fairly simple way to update and brighten your home. Here at My Uncle Mike, one of our areas of expertise is helping Orlando, FL residents with lighting fixture installation and repair. Besides being experienced, licensed, and insured electricians, we have a keen eye for lighting fixtures design which can enhance a home’s exterior and interior spaces.

Many older homes can in particular benefit from a lighting update. Swapping cheap, builder-grade light fixtures or heavy, old bright brass fixtures with new high-end, energy-saving design-minded fixtures is also a pretty economical way to give a house a facelift while reducing your energy bills.


Why hire experts for your light fixtures installation and repair

It can be fun to carry various DIY projects in your home. However, electrical projects are supposed to be left to experts. When carrying out lighting fixture installation, there is a risk of electrocution, fire or even shorting out. Installing new light fixtures entails a series of steps such as switching off power to the applicable parts in your house, mounting the fixture, and making sure the wiring is done properly.

Some light fixtures can be tricky to replace because they are situated in awkward locations that can be difficult to access without the right equipment. At My Uncle Mike, we have all the equipment, ladders, and scaffolding which help us change light fixtures positioned even in the most awkward areas around your home.


Reasons to contact us

We offer a range of installation and repair services for light fixtures. Our experience in painting and patching drywalls holes means you only deal with one contractor. We can install bathroom vanity lights, kitchen track lights, chandeliers, garden lights, flood lights, recessed lights and much more.

In addition to this:

  • We have over 30 years of experience undertaking lighting installation projects
  • We are trustworthy, reliable and honest
  • We always strive to arrive on time
  • We consider no assignment too small for us
  • We guarantee our workmanship

Clear off your calendar and let My Uncle Mike take care of your lighting needs. Our services conform to building and safety standards, therefore, you can relax at your home knowing all complications concerning light fixtures have been handled by a professional.