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    Attic Access Stairs Install

    Almost every house has some kind of attic space. While a good number of these spaces offer restricted headroom, this part is still a great choice for storing those close-closet things like luggage and holiday decoration. Adding attic access stairs can make a number of home maintenance tasks simpler and give you an expedient access to an underused part of your house.

    Our well trained and insured craftsmen can replace, repair and install attic stairs to give you access to your attic and suit your unique needs. With great attention to detail and utmost focus on your safety, we will achieve this in a record breaking time. We value your time and we try to work within your schedule to save you and your family unnecessary inconveniences.

    Every project commences with a consultation and full survey to gather accurate measurements, identify your unique requirements, and recommend and plan a safe installation. Through our survey, we will also be able to advise you if your attic renovation project is plausible or not. Afterward, we fabricate stairs to custom designs and plan a specific date for installation.

    Some people may prefer to install the stairs by themselves; but at My Uncle Mike, we do not just give you attic stairs – we offer you over 30 years of experience. At times the attic opening may need some enlarging and this may be tricky to some DIYers as they must avoid tampering with wires, pipes, and roof trusses. Another tricky factor of attic stair installation might be complying with building codes. Your local building codes may have exceptions to the amount of access space that is required to create a stair design. But with our experience, you can be guaranteed your installation will conform to every building code.

    By seeking our attic stairway services, you are guaranteed of:

    • An array of cost-effective standardized designs
    • Expert surveys and consultation
    • Wide choice of premium stairway fabrication materials
    • Design and planning support with professional advice
    • Optional installation service
    • Fully customized design and installation service

    Therefore, if installing attic access stairs is not your skill set, call us today. Our skilled craftsmen would be more than happy to help you.

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