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    Curtain Rod Installation

    It is usually fun to buy new curtains for your house; however, installing curtain rods might become a bit of an issue for some. However, this should cease being a problem to Orlando, FL residents. When you need your curtain rods fixed, contact My Uncle Mike. Our professional curtain rod installers are well trained to fix your curtain rod with precision and perfection.

    An attractively installed curtain rod adds a fine layer embellishment to an entire room. Besides completing a room’s décor, a curtain rod fitted with curtains presents yet another incredible power – the ability to cover up design effects. For instance, if your ceilings are too low, you can hang your rods higher. Similarly, if your windows are wider, you can extend the rods past the window on both sides to fill up the wall space. It is all about placement. We are well trained to figure out the ideal placement for your curtain rod and fix it with minimal fuss.


    Why we should install your curtain rods?

    For curtains to appear their best, their rods must be installed appropriately. It’s advisable to contact a qualified curtain rod installer is you wish to achieve perfection with this task. When you contact us for your installation needs, you can be sure we will arrive at your home on time. We will consult you widely and make all the necessary measurements before embarking on the project.

    We are familiar with all types of curtain rods, hence the installation process doesn’t take us long to complete. Besides installing rods, we can also openhandedly provide advice on the kind of curtains that suits your rooms. We believe this saves our clients’ time and money.

    In addition to our expertise, you can trust our strong ethics. We have been operational for over 30 years and are dedicated to serving Orlando, FL homeowners with a reliable curtain rod installation service. The number of customers we are serving is growing daily. This can be traced back to the responsive and professional customer approach we maintain.

    In short, we are the go-to solution for people who require their curtain rods installed quickly and correctly. We guarantee our workmanship; therefore, you can always have a peace of mind when you engage our services. Call us today or click here!

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