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    Gutters are a significant part of the house since they deviate rainwater away from the building to minimize potential damage to the walls and roof. If are building a new home in Orlando, Fl or your gutters are outdated, gutter installation or repair will be helpful in extending your home’s life by preventing issues such as flooding, roof damage, mold and mildew growth. At My Uncle Mike, we care about protecting your house and any investment related to it by offering gutter installation and replacement services.


    Signs that you need gutter replacement

    There are various signs, which will clearly show you that you need a new gutter installation or replacement. Whenever gutters are failing to direct water away from your house or showing signs of structural damage, a replacement will be the best course to take in protecting your home. Some other indicators that show its time for new gutters include:

    • Gutters sag or pull away from the house – Gutters should fit perfectly against the home, otherwise, they will not be capable of doing their job as they are supposed to. If they tend to sag downwards or pull away from the building, you should replace them immediately.
    • Visible signs of water damage – mold or mildew, dark spots, pools of water and water damage under the gutters can be an indication that your existing gutters are not deviating water as they are supposed to be doing.
    • Splits and cracks in the gutters – to prevent damage to the siding and foundation of your house, ensure splits and cracks are attended to. A small split can grow rapidly, leaving you with a house repair emergency, which could have been prevented with gutter replacement earlier on.


    Benefit from our service

    Not all gutter installation and replacement firms are the same. We at My Uncle Mike have been installing gutters for many of our esteemed customers since the day we opened our doors 30 years ago.

    The first steps of our installation process start with understanding the client’s needs. Then our well trained and experienced specialists come up with an all-inclusive plan for gutter type, style, size, and placement, which meets these needs. Then we embark on the real task, which is ensuring the gutter is properly pitched to drain water effectively.

    All our miters are custom hand-cut to give you a cleaner and flawless gutter look. To schedule a consultation to talk about all your gutter installation needs, contact us today.

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