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    paver sealers Orlando

    Paver Sealing Orlando

    Many of Orlando’s finest businesses and homes are lined with fine-looking concrete or stone pavers. Pavers add an aesthetic look and a sense of worth that typical surfaces just do not have. Regardless of the beauty, longevity, and durability of this material, pavers are still vulnerable to the impact of Mother Nature. Furthermore, when you consider the daily wear and tear resulting from daily use, you can understand why pavers require regular cleaning and sealing.

    At My Uncle Mike’s, we offer professional paver sealing service that leaves your outdoor surface looking more appealing than you could ever imagine. We never subcontract our projects; every employee is highly-trained and knows how to get the task done right.


    Why should pavers be sealed?

    Most of the pavers nowadays are usually made of concrete; a porous material, vulnerable to all types of marking and staining. Rust, oil, and grease are very tricky to remove from unsealed pavers since they are easily absorbed. Also, unsealed pavers retain water for long durations, creating the right environment for mold and mildew to thrive.

    • Protects pavers from rust, oil, grease, and other stains
    • Protects against intense sun and other natural elements
    • Enhances the appearance of pavers
    • Inhibits weed growth and insect intrusion
    • Provides structural integrity by holding the joint sand together.

    There is no doubt that a properly sealed paver surfaces appear superior that it’s unsealed counterpart. Immediately after sealing, our clients notice a considerable deepening of the brick’s natural shade, as well as a crisp stylish look that is finished professionally.


    Why you should choose our services

    Choosing a professional paver cleaning and sealing company like us, to lighten up your patio is the best way to go. At My Uncle Ben, we have the expertise, modern equipment, well-trained staff and excellent choices in sealants to ensure your yard sparkles.

    Sealing pavers is an art; hence, relying on specialists like us to complete the job will maximize the outcome of the protective seal. In case an old deposit of sealant is still on the paving, we will remove it before applying a fresh coat. An uneven layer will undermine the usefulness of the new layer.

    No matter if we are sealing a patio, pool area, walkway, or driveway; new pavers or existing, we strive to do a job that neighbors will envy. Call us today and let protect your investment.

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