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    Wood Flooring Orlando

    The flooring of your house is what you and your visitors have to walk on and look at every day. If you are thinking of renovating your home, solid wood flooring is an attractive and reliable choice. Believed to lend a sense of attractiveness to interiors, it has been a trendy flooring choice for centuries. For over 30 years, My Uncle Mike has serviced Orlando, Fl area with fine-looking and durable wood floors. We insist on using premium wood from the best mills to guarantee quality results. Our success is based on honesty, total commitment to our clients as well as introducing inventive ideas and new materials.


    Why you should consider wood flooring?

    • Wood floors are known to last for decades – Actually, these floors look better with time
    • Easy to clean – A simple brush keeps your wooden floors spotless.
    • More hygienic than carpets – Materials like carpets harbor dust mites, fleas or other allergen producing organisms, unlike wood floors.
    • Wood provides an ideal medium to install under floor heating.
    • In the case of heavy wear and tear, a simple sand and seal can bring your wood floor back to life again.
    • Wood floor has a timeless appeal.
    • Estate agents consider houses with wooden floor more valuable than houses with other floor finishes

    Our professional wood flooring services:

    At My Uncle Mike’s, we know every floor is different, and so are our clients’ needs; that is why, we adopt a custom-made approach with every client. Our high level of experience and craftsmanship allows us to offer our customers personalized finishes and products, which makes us unique from our competitors. We guarantee color matching service as well as almost unlimited options in terms of colors, aging, finishes and distressing of the wood.

    Our range of services includes fitting of wood flooring materials, installation of all kinds of wooden floors, sanding, and renovation of existing wood floors, repairs, machining and fitting of wooden steps. On the other hand, our flooring range includes all kinds of unfinished and pre-finished solid engineered boards, wood blocks, batters, and strips. We install the floors in conventional and custom-made designs including various surrounds, borders, and fittings.

    When renovating an old floor, we provide a spick and span finish by using modern, industrial machines and by applying the highest quality oils, waxes, and lacquers. Advice on maintenance is also available. Contact us today, and we will not only make your floor beautiful but also truly unique. Call today for more info!

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