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    When it comes to water you are using in your home, soft is better. Of course, there are many overwhelming factors that determine the kind of water that will flow into your house but still, you not powerless to make a decision. With a water softener, you can overcome stains and other shortcomings that are caused by hard water. At My Uncle Mike, we are highly trained to offer water softener installations, repair, and maintenance services throughout the Orlando, FL and its neighboring environs.


    What is a water softener?

    A water softener is an equipment, which removes magnesium and calcium ions from hard water by replacing them with potassium and sodium ions. Hard water basically has more minerals compared to soft water which in turn may be detrimental to your plumbing and home.


    Benefits of a water softener unit

    Having a softener installed in your house can have immediate, significant benefits in your everyday life. Firstly, the condition of your hair and skin could improve. With clean water flowing via the water softener as opposed to hard water that is full of minerals, harmful effects on your skins are minimized.

    Another major advantage of using a softener is the positive outcome it has on your plumbing system. Minerals in hard water destroy your system by clogging up within the piping. When a softener is put in place, this clogging in your pipes will no longer occur resulting in the longevity of your system.

    Similarly, your home will benefit as a whole. Usually, hard water negatively impacts your fixtures, clothing, and appliances. From buildup in appliances to stains in tubs, hard water is a bother to any household appliances. A softener can put this nuisance to an end.


    Choosing us for your water softener installation

    At My Uncle Mike’s, we understand how vital your plumbing system is to your everyday life. We are also aware how destructive hard water can be. We can help you in picking an ideal unit for your home. Moreover, we will expertly install and service it to make sure that it is consistently working at optimum levels. When you choose us for your water softener installation and repair service, we do it right to ensure it lasts forever! Call us today.

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