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Can Crown Molding Increase Your House Value?

Can Crown Molding Increase Your House Value?

A few basic home improvements, according to real estate experts, can increase the value of a property.

Doing upgrades to your home such as painting your kitchen cabinets, updating the laundry space, replacing your old floor or adding architectural features like crown molding to your interior will certainly make your home appealing to potential home buyers.

Crown molding, in particular, is a simple and inexpensive addition that can make your home stylish and elegant. That said, it can only add dollars to your appraisal value if it’s done the right and tasteful way.

In this blog, TrustHome Properties will discuss 7 things to do to make crown molding increase your home’s value.

What is Crown Molding?

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Crown molding, according to Wikipedia.com, is a form of cornice created out of decorative molding installed atop an interior wall. It’s also used atop cabinets, pilasters, windows, and doors.

How Much Does Crown Molding Cost?

Crown molding comes in a boatload of options. As such, prices are hard to estimate. That said, according to HomeGuide.com, for both labor and installation, expect the project to cost you anywhere between $2000 and $4,000.

What’s the Difference Between “Crown Molding” and “Molding”?

“Molding” is a general term used for any type of trim inside a home. But ceiling molding usually falls under the “crown molding.” (On the other hand, “Millwork,” refers to anything that’s been milled from wood – it can mean cabinetry, built-ins, baseboards, molding, and more.)

With that out of the way, now let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to make crown molding increase your home’s value.

1.      Concentrate on the main rooms.

To get a good effect, you don’t have to put crown molding in each and every room. Concentrate on putting it on main rooms, such as in the kitchens, dining rooms, family rooms, and living rooms.

It is less important in bathrooms and bedrooms, although it can definitely be used successfully in such areas.

2.    Paint for contrast.

Neglecting to paint the crown molding is akin to having botox injections on only half your face – it just doesn’t look right. Painting the molding will make any interior shine.

Sure, it’s generally best to keep colors basic and subdued when selling a home. However, painting the molding even a slightly different tone can help a room stand out.

As for the paint you should use, many experts agree on semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes.

3.    Use the correct size.

Crown molding is available in a variety of shapes and patterns. The most common widths range from anywhere between 11/2 inches to 8 inches wide. So, use the wider sizes in large areas and the smaller sizes in smaller rooms.

Use a simple design in a plain bedroom or a small area. For larger living or dining rooms, feel free to try out a more complex shape.

4.    Install it properly.

Installing crown molding is usually tricky. Why? The complex miter cuts required need to fit neatly where the ceiling meets the wall.

Crown molding that has been improperly installed won’t add any value. As a matter of fact, it could just do the opposite and subtract from it. So, make sure it’s flush with the wall and ceiling and doesn’t have any gaps at the corners.

5.    Use the right style.

You also have to get the style right. Match the style of molding to the overall décor style. Otherwise, an ornate molding in a modern living room will not only look out of place but may actually hurt the appraisal value.

6.    Don’t go crazy with upgrades.

Going overboard with upgrades is one mistake that some homeowners often make. Regardless of how beautiful your home is, using high-end finishes in a mid-range neighborhood is a recipe for disaster. You won’t simply be able to recoup back the costs.

To get a feel of what’s right for your neighborhood, check recently sold and open listings. This should give you an idea of what buyers are responding to.

Similarly, don’t install something that is below your area’s average. As a matter of fact, your home will be much better off without one.

7.    Always hire professionals.

This cannot be emphasized enough. Crown molding is among the most inexpensive upgrades you can do as a homeowner. If you do it poorly, it does nothing to your home and can actually negatively impact its value.

Installing crown molding requires a fair understanding of geometry and woodworking skills. If you lack sufficient experience in both of these, hire a professional. That is, one with sufficient skills and experience in matters crown molding.

When done correctly, while it won’t surge the resale value, crown molding can help make a room look finished and interesting than it would have been without this architectural feature.


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