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Quick FAQ with CEO Miguel “Mike” Estevez

Tell me a little bit about Uncle Mike’s Quality services.

“Uncle Mike’s Quality Services is a home improvements company that is able to provide a variety of services at an affordable price with unmatched customer service. Our team of specialists understand the needs and goals of our clients. We have experienced professionals for each project instead of your typical Jack of all Trades handyman out there.”

Why would someone looking to install crown molding in their home use a professional like you versus doing it themselves?

Crown molding requires a skill to install properly. We encourage taking on as many of your own projects as you can handle however, crown molding is not one of them! There are certain obstacles that are encountered that require using specific techniques to resolve. Only a professional thru years of experience would know how to properly solve some of these obstacles. The most common obstacle is when a wall is not exactly straight or a ceiling not exactly level. On several occasions we have been contacted to complete projects that were started by a spouse or relative who became frustrated by these obstacles.”

What are some of the creative ways you’ve seen people use crown molding in their home?

“Crown molding is traditionally used around the perimeter of a room to add style and elegance. There are other creative ways to use crown molding. We love it when clients show us what they found on Pinterest and ask if we can recreate it. We gladly take on the challenge! Crown molding can be used in various ways to add style to the inside of treyed ceilings or below a plane shelf to give it some appeal.”

What kind of crown molding pricing should be expected when hiring someone?

“When hiring a professional to install crown molding you should expect to pay between $6 to $10 per foot depending on the size and style of crown and if all aspects of the project are included. Be sure to ask what all is included. Many carpenters can only provide the labor leaving the tasks of material purchase and delivery on the client and leaving the client to find his own painter to paint the crown. We are able to provide a price which covers the project start to finish. ”

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