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Home Projects to Sell Your House Fast

Home Projects to Sell Your House Fast

No one wants to wait years with their house on the market. If you want to sell your home quickly, you need to know what actions to take. There is a lot of information available online and much of it can be overwhelming. Here are the best tips to give you the greatest chance to sell your home quickly.

Putting Your House on the Market

The absolute most effective thing you can do to sell your home quickly is to get the best listing agent possible. Look online to check your potential agent’s track record. How many homes have they sold recently? If they haven’t sold many, look elsewhere. The next step is to interview the agent. Ask them what value your house is worth, and why they think so. This can give insight into how prepared they are.

To determine when you should sell, think about who is most likely to buy your home. Is it an apartment or a small townhome? Young individuals and couples tend to buy smaller properties and tend to start looking early in the year. Families, who look for larger homes, look for properties during autumn, spring and summer as school dictates their schedules. Retirees looking to downsize also shop around during the warmer months. Pricing is something you and your agent can discuss. It usually depends on market value and pitching a price close to comparable properties. It is better to set a lower price than a higher one, as many properties receive multiple offers and enter a competition.

Cleaning Tips

Before you start cleaning, you’ll want to declutter. A decluttered home, no matter how small, gives the impression of spaciousness. Remove some extraneous furniture if you can and start to clean. Start from the top, and work your way down. If you vacuum, and then dust your ceilings, all your work will need to be redone as dust will fall back onto the floor. Be smart about your time. While the cleaner soaks into the tub and toilet, clean something else, like all the mirrors in your home. Your vacuum should have many attachments with it. Use them to aid in cleaning the house efficiently. Vacuum cloth-covered lamps, curtains and other difficult-to-wash items.

How to Stage Your Home

How your home looks will impact how quickly it sells. Staging is one way to ensure it looks welcoming. Start with the outside by boosting curb appeal. That means making sure the outside of your home and whatever yard you have looks nice and clean. Add color where you can, either by replacing your front door or putting a few potted flowers out front. You should have already cleaned and decluttered, even if that means renting a storage unit for the duration of your home being on the market.

You will want to depersonalize your house as well. You may love your quirky style, but someone else may not and that may turn them off of your home entirely. Keep the color scheme neutral, and use accent pieces to liven up your home like purple throw pillows. Fresh flowers and bowls of fruit not only look nice, but smell great, too.

Best Promotion Tactics

While your agent will handle much of the promotional aspect of your sale, you can help out in the long run. The largest avenue for selling a home is to list it online. When you look for something online, are you likely to be interested in it if the photographs are fuzzy, or do you become suspicious, as if the seller is hiding something? For this reason, hiring a professional listing photographer is a good idea. Your agent may be too busy to come take photos themselves, so take the initiative and bring in a professional. You’re more likely to generate interest online with professional photographs, which may translate into more footfalls during viewings.

There is no exact science when it comes to selling a home. However, you can do your best to increase your chances of a favorable, and quick sale. Follow these simple steps, and you may be on your way toward moving your home off the market.

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