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Moving in with Your Partner?

Moving in with Your Partner?

Moving in with your significant other is an exciting time, but it can also turn stressful if you don’t make certain preparations. For each of you to feel happy and comfortable in the new home, it often takes a mix of open-mindedness and compromise. Coming up with a rough design plan will give you something to work for and help keep your experience less stressful. Here are 4 steps to get you on the right track:

  1. Decide what to take with you

One of the most difficult parts of moving in with someone is choosing what belongings will go with you into the new home. If both you and your partner try to hold onto every item, you run the risk of starting your new life together in a cluttered space. Plus, the more things you take with you, the more moving boxes and higher moving bills you will have. The average in-state move costs about $1,170, so you don’t want to add to this expense simply because you can’t let go of items you don’t really need or want.

The best way to go about it is to purge. Assess your clothes, furniture, electronics, books, appliances, and so on, and then have the moment of truth for each item: Have you used it in the last year? Is it in good condition/working order? Will it fit well in the new home? Go through and decide what to keep, sell, donate or trash. The hardest part of the purging process is letting go of sentimental items that you don’t really use. If you have items like this, or items you and your partner can’t seem to agree on, you can always put them in storage. Booking a self-storage unit in Winter Garden, FL, only cost an average of $124.47 over the past 180 days.

  1. Purpose the rooms

This is the first action to take in the new home. Get with your partner and discuss the vision for each room. For instance, you may plan to use one or two spaces more than the others, and there may be some spaces that are just there to boost aesthetics. Giving each room a purpose will help you make the rest of the design decisions.

Knowing what you want in a room will also help you decide on design projects and whether you will need to hire a professional to come in. If you have any custom projects that you need a professional for, be sure to check out our services. At Uncle Mike’s, we specialize in everything from crown molding and fencing to custom pavers and entertainment centers.

  1. Consider the colors

This step can work either before or after you choose the furniture. Choosing the colors of each room and painting your walls can help you envision your interior more clearly, which can help you select what furniture and furnishings belong where. Then again, since painting is a relatively simple DIY task, you can always pick the furniture out first and change the colors of the walls later. If you’re looking for a palette that offers the most flexibility with other decor, it’s hard to beat neutral colors (e.g., cream, beige, light gray). However, some couples prefer a more elegant look featuring darker colors.

  1. Pick the furniture

When you’re deciding on the furniture, start with what you have between the two of you before dropping thousands of dollars on new pieces. If your styles are similar, you may be able to combine your furniture in some or all of the rooms. You’ll also need to consider the size and condition of each piece, as well as the function it needs to serve in the space. If it comes down to keeping or tossing some of the furniture, revisit your vision for the interior, and remember to be open-minded and willing to compromise.

Moving into a new home as a couple should be fun and exciting. Keep the stress down by purging your belongings and carefully considering what items to take with you. Purpose each room so you can hash out a design plan. Finally, make the new home yours by choosing the colors and furniture for each room.


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